The High-Functioning Anxiety Toolbox

The High-Functioning Anxiety Toolbox: Learn all the basics of high-functioning anxiety so you can successfully STOP the cycle, feel calmer from within, be kinder to yourself, and start setting the healthy boundaries you deserve!

What’s included:This toolbox includes LIFETIME access to the following trainings. Each training includes a video training of 60 minutes or less, along with an accompanying workbook with journal prompts and exercises to help you implement these changes and rewire your brain:

  • How To Stop The High-Functioning Anxiety Cycle
  • Calming Coping Skills For High-Functioning Anxiety
  • How To Decrease Anxious Thoughts & Feelings
  • How To Stop Overthinking Everything
  • How To Stop Overworking & Cope With The Guilt Of Relaxing
  • How To Set Healthy Boundaries
  • How To Practice Self-Compassion & Challenge Your Inner Critic

8 Modules

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✨ How To Practice Self-Compassion & Challenge Your Inner Critic

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